The Sharpe Promise

The Sharpe Promise

The Sharpe Promise

An elite automotive journey, with a buying experience and quality service to match, from the day we meet throughout the life of your vehicle. That’s the promise built into our brands, backed by our family and proven over our 35 years in business. You deserve a premiere experience every time you get behind the wheel of a Sharpe vehicle, and our family of employees is passionate about delivering it.


We promise that the brands we represent are among the finest vehicles available. Made to the highest standards with the best materials by men and women dedicated to their craft, new cars sold under the Sharpe name provide superlative driving experiences across the range of motoring needs. We hold our pre-owned vehicles to the Sharpe standards of excellence as well. We’re driven to ensure that you’ll be satisfied with your purchase.


We promise that our staff will provide unmatched customer service at every phase of your automotive experience, making sure that your questions are answered and your needs met. They’re passionate about our brands and dedicated to exceeding high standards – not just ours, but yours as well — whether on the sales floor or in the service area. We like to say that our staff is locally-sourced – friends, neighbors and community members who also happen to be certified experts on the world-class cars we sell.


We promise that our trained professionals will attend to your vehicle efficiently and capably. We use the latest evaluative technology and the most sophisticated tools, combined with superior hands-on mechanical expertise. Supporting them, our scheduling staff and customer service professionals will ensure that every question and concern you have is addressed, see that you’re taken care of during any waiting period, and provide the finest amenities while you’re in our care.


We promise that our facilities will reflect both the status of our premium brands and the high standards of the Sharpe family and clientele. From the moment you walk through the doors of our locations, and for the duration of your time with us, we’ll make sure that you’re treated as a welcome guest. It’s how we’ve been doing things for over 35 years.

From Our Family to Yours

When it comes to our family of dealerships, the important word is “family.” We take great pride in our local, family-owned roots. It drives us to deliver unyielding respect for our customer and service to the West Michigan community we’ve been in for over 30 years.