Its our promise: We Make Every Mile Memorable An elite automotive journey, with a buying experience and quality service to match, from the day we meet throughout the life of your vehicle. That's the promise built into our brands, backed by our family and proven over our 35 years in business. You deserve a premiere experience every time you get behind the wheel of a Sharpe vehicle, and our family of employees is passionate about delivering it. Read more about our Sharpe Promise.

From Our Family to Yours

The Sharpe dream was conceived in 1963. My father, George Sharpe Sr., spent years gaining invaluable industry knowledge selling cars with the hope to someday build a company with his own hands that mirrored his passion. In 1970, he married his loving wife Linda and started a beautiful family with three children, Blair, Nicole, and myself, George Jr.

Fast forward ten years to when the Sharpe family planted it roots in Grand Rapids, Michigan, where we quickly fell in love with the people and knew it was the community to make the dream a reality.

For years, Sharpe has continued to establish the trust of West Michigan with a community first focus, putting its people before the purchase. Between 2015 and 2017, we have implmemented facility updates providing state of the art showrooms and service centers for our loyal customers to get the best quality of care. With nearly thirteen acres, four buildings and more than 100,000 square feet of space, the Sharpe family is growing and has never been in a better position to provide you, the community, a premium car buying experience. We hope you'll consider joining the family.